Current Events

Flowers for Every Event

Kiewall Florist can provide flowers, arrangements, and products for every event and occasion. Check back with us when holidays or your own special events come up. We have the floral products for you!

Valentine's Day

The most common Valentine's Day gifts are chocolate candy gift baskets, flowers such as roses, and stuffed animals.

Easter Sunday

Easter lilies are the most popular Easter flower. Other Easter flowers are roses, tulips, and irises.

Mother's Day

Perhaps the most traditional Mother's Day flower is the carnation, but almost any cheery arrangement will do! Hanging Baskets & Patio Pots also available from our Greenhouse.

Father's Day

White as well as red roses are officially known as the Father's Day flowers.

Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day observers give gifts of appreciation. Flowers of all kinds are appropriate.

Christmas Day

A nicely decorated flower pot or basket is an excellent Christmas present! Select among carnation, daisy, tulips, and yellow, white or pink roses.